Fourth of July Earrings: Launching the Seasonal Earrings and Holiday Earrings Collections

We thought it would be fun to incorporate seasonal earrings for our collections. So with every month, we have certain holidays and celebrations that might make sense to have a pair of flower earrings for. With Fourth of July coming up we thought we would make a custom pair of flower earrings specific for America's favorite Holiday! 

Introducing the 4th of July flower earrings - a perfect match for your 4th of July outfits! 

Fourth of July is always something that we look forward to. Being able to dress patriotically in red, white and blue in a cute summer outfit always feels great. Its a great start to the summer season and we couldn't be happier to help you celebrate this holiday in the most perfect way possible with red, white and blue flower earrings. 

We will be putting up some red, white and blue flower crowns tomorrow too so stay tuned! 

We hope you love these. They are lightweight and perfect, flouncy, bouncy additions to your 4th of July outfits. We promise to get these to you before the holiday next week. So order soon! 

You can shop the seasonal flower earrings here on our site