Welcome our Newest Collection: Pink Ombre Flower Earrings

These are really freaking cute ladies. They are made with these ombre like flowers that I found. All of our flower earrings are made with silk flower petals that we source. These flower earrings are soft, bouncy and light weight even though they are so big and fluffy on the ears.

One of the things our customers love most about the flower earrings is that they are easy to wear and light weight. A lot of statement earrings are HEAVY on the ear lobes and can result in torn ear lobes. We think flower petal earrings solve a great problem for women. You can wear these statement earrings without worrying about how heavy the earrings are. 

Here is a little bit about these pink ombre flower earrings: 

  • On a rose gold dangle 
  • On our new backings 
  • Light pink to darker pink shades of flower petals 
  • 2 peals on the dangle

You can buy these pink ombre flower earrings here in our shop! If you have a custom order you want or a certain color or flower you want me to make you flower earrings with just email me at ali@fetesdefleurs.com with your request! 

Flowers should and can be worn on your ears!